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Helping Neighbors Stay Connected, Active and Independent as they Age in Place

Village Connections is a non-profit organization serving members age 50 and over who live in several adjacent, historic neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio including 
German Village, Schumacher Place, The Brewery District and much of Merion Village and Downtown. We strive to create a supportive community that allows our members to stay connected, active and independent as they age, while remaining in their homes and neighborhoods. We provide vetted volunteers, from the neighborhoods we serve, to assist members with rides to the doctor, grocery shopping, yard clean up, light home maintenance, etc., and provide a social outlet to avoid being isolated in their homes. We have monthly lunches, social events and outings to help our members reengage and thrive in the villages they are such an important part of.


 Upcoming Events 


Check out our Village Connections Monthly Newsletter. We will update this every month.


Thanks you to all our amazing volunteers!!!
We are always in need of more as we add new members that need our help. 
Click here if you're interested in volunteering or would like to learn more.

Member Bill Boys is an amateur publisher. Every month he shares a series of one-page stories he collects, edits, and publishes from his home in German Village, and sometimes he shares a personal newsletter, too, about himself and his wife, Ruth, and their pets.

We love reading these and want to share them with you too!

You can view One-Page Stories here: February 2020 | May 2020 | June 2020 | July 2020 | August 2020 | September 2020 | October 2020 | November 2020 | December 2020 | February 2021 | March 2021 | April 2021 | May 2021 | June 2021 | July 2021 | August 2021 | September 2021 | "I'm Doing Well for a 120-Year-Old Male!" | October 2021 | January 2022 | February 2022 | March 2022 | May 2022 | June 2022 | July 2022 | August 2022 | September 2022 | October 2022 | November 2022 | January 2023 | February 2023

Bill is always open to submissions!

Check out his newsletters here: January 2021 | March 2021 | April 2021 | May 2021 | July 2021 | August 2021 | September 2021 | October 2021 | Happy Holidays | March 2022 | June 2022 | September 2022

If you wish to be on Bill's mail or email list, please contact the office.

Find more safety information from Columbus Fire Public Outreach here: 

-Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms Save Lives!

-Knox Box Installation

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Renew or Become a Social Member

Full Household:   $125

Includes participation in all social events, no age or residency requirements, 100% tax deductible, helps sustain Village Connections by supporting operations and continuation of services.

Become or renew a social member with any donation to Village Connections of $125 or more:

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Village Connections
588 South Third St. 
Columbus, OH 43215
Donald Wiggins
Executive Director
(614) 226-6567